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Highest Quality Lesson Programs around at an Affordable Price!

We offer quality private and group Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Ukulele and Voice Lessons for children and adults, beginning to advanced in any style. As part of our lesson program students get the opportunity to perform solo, or as part of an ensemble at any one of our many concerts/recitals. Our goal is to take the student from the rehearsal room to the stage! 

In addition to our already discounted multi-family member and hourly lessons, we are currently offering discounts on lessons with a three month commitment.

We have locations in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Cantonment, Fl. 

We also offer lessons via Skype.

Summer Intensive Guitar Work Shops And Master Classes

 Whether it's to learn a new technique, or refine your playing skills, Jerry delivers a wide range of insight that will help you master and understand your instrument, with complete comprehensiveness, regardless of playing style. 

We offer recitals, Concerts and Workshops in Pensacola, Cantonment and Gulf Breeze. 

Gear Purchasing Consultant

As a result of nearly 40 years playing, touring, recording and teaching, Jerry knows gear and has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. Jerry is the area's "go to guy"  when it comes to all things guitar. He has proven to be an invaluable resource helping parents, students, as well as seasoned players with the purchasing of guitars, amplifiers, effects processors, pedals, etc. Whether you're a complete beginner, or the accomplished player, Jerry can guide you in the proper direction to ensure that you make the right purchase the first time. 

Guitar Lessons & MusicLessons in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Cantonment

Tone Workshops!

Nobody in the area is more qualified than Jerry when it comes to reproducing legendary guitar tones live. Throughout his career recording artists and bands alike have relied heavily on Jerry's ability to not only authentically recreate the parts played on the recording, but also the tone and sonic landscape. 

Ever wonder how certain guitarists achieve "that sound?" These workshops cover everything you need to know about guitar setup & maintenance, to proper signal flow and pedal board layout on both vintage gear, amps & pedals, as well as the latest cutting edge technology found in The Kemper, Axe FX and Line 6 Helix Processors. 

Guitar Lessons, Music Lessons in Pensacola, Cantonment and Gulf Breeze 

Praise and Worship and Guitar Workshops!

Having played with some of the industry's biggest names in Contemporary Christian Music in Nashville, as well as serving on the worship team at GBUMC for the last 16 years, Jerry understands that the role of the Praise and Worship Guitarist is one that is Eclectic both Stylistically, as well as Sonically and requires the guitarist to be well versed in a variety of playing styles & techniques on both electric and acoustic guitar, as well as be able to create an ambient back drop. 

These workshops will teach you "go to" playing techniques and licks, as well as how to create and program some of the sounds/tones most often used in contemporary worship music.

Guitar Lessons, Music Lessons in Pensacola, Cantonment and Gulf Breeze


How long is each lesson? Lessons are in increments of 30 & 60 minutes each week, and are prepaid on a month to month basis. 

What is your cancellation policy?

One cancellation per month is permitted with a 24 hour notice, a make up lesson will be scheduled.


What do I need to bring to my lessons? 

Students only need to bring the instrument, and a folder with pockets and notebook paper. Instructional material will be provided.


What is the minimum age you teach?  

Minimum age is 6 years of age. 

Guitar Lessons, Music Lessons in Pensacola, Cantonment and Gulf Breeze